Monday, November 13

NaNoWriMo: Day 13 / Movin' on up!

You know you've moved up in the world when you stop writing in 10-cent spiral notebooks while swigging on a 2-for-$5 bottles of Boone's Farm listening to bootlegged cassette tapes and start typing on a $550 notebook computer while sipping on a glass of $7.99 [yellow tail] wine listening to your CD collection.


rachael said...


is yellowtail anything like a nice sweet dessert wine? because that's usually the kind i like.

Sarah Reed said...

You'd probably like their chardonnay or their or their riesling... but what I'm drinking--their shiraz-grenache, you'd probably not like. It's like cheap port wine, but WAY better because it's more sweet with a hint of ummm, licorice maybe. It's a strong wine, but that's what I'm in the mood for tonight.

RomanceWriter said...

You have CD's. You're rich! I still listen to cassette tapes.


Your post made me chuckle. I have been there, too.