Thursday, November 16

NaNoWriMo: Days 15 & 16

Yesterday was insanely unproductive on the NaNo front, but today I've promised myself to do better.** I posted a SOS to my fellow Flinttown (Flintown?) NaNo'ers and they had a bundle of advice* for me:

  1. Remove all novel files from flash drive and put onto computer. Leave work on flash drive and remove all work from computer and put the work from the computer on flash drive. Put flash drive and all other work crap and distracting crap (like bills!) into my "Box of Crap." Place box in closet. Slam shut door. Walk away. Try not to look back, and forget about it.

  2. It's okay to rant and rave and smash things across my desk or throw sock balls at husband, when needed.

  3. Music to fit the mood of what I'm trying to write is good. Tastes range from Madonna, to Cannibal Corpse, to Natalie Merchant, to Bach.

  4. It's okay to cry and scream when needed.

  5. When children are noisy and driving me insane and their howls rise up from the hellish bowels of the living room/romper room, and I cannot think, ear plugs are a great thing to have on hand--or in my ear, whichever seems most appropriate at the time.

  6. Typoos aRe okay--tip fist and fixx lter (completely opposite of my nature).

  7. And lastly, surround myself with things that make me smile and/or are inspiring, such as photos... these ones, that remind me it's okay to get down and get dirty and play messy. And when all else ceases to work, point the finger at someone else because it's always their fault anyways.

*This advice has been adapted, slightly, for humor's sake.

** I did do better; I wrote 1969 words during the write-in on Day 16.

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