Sunday, November 12

NaNoWriMo: Days 11 & 12

A BIG thank you to InkyGirl for this laugh! I hear ya, sista!

Well, day 11 wasn't all that productive, but two Prozacs later, I feel more ready to delve into my writing today on day 12. To be perfectly honest (hell, why not be honest, I don't think too many people are reading this), but I hit a rough spot yesterday when a dam broke open and my mind got flooded with hellish memories. When writing a memoir and when my mind is so fragile, that's the chance I take--that by writing 'something' will be remembered rending me useless. But--this may be cheating--I am going to 'fast forward' a few years to happier times until the Prozac kicks in all the way, and then I'll back track and pick up in the past where I left off.

Not only is my depression standing in my way, but factor in a full-time work-at-home job, my kids, the sometimes very needy hubby (he is working on a line of comic books, and me, being the only computer savy nerd in the house, I'm left to scan, tweak, and format his images into a printable format), and the cooking, and the cleaning (well, the hubby does the bulk of that, but I am the only one who ever cleans the sh*t stains from the toliet and the toothpaste off the bathroom mirror)--so in other words, I AM OVERWHELMED!


Melli said...

Yea... I don't even HAVE any kids around during the day anymore ... and I still didn't sign up for Novel thing! A post a day is enough for me, thanks! BEST OF LUCK to ya!

Tandaina said...

Keep going! Skipping around is totally OK, take it as you can and keep your chin up. There is a whole bunch of us crazy Flint people cheering for you. :)

RomanceWriter said...

I love the Inky Girl and the Will Write For Chocalate comics. They crack me up! Especially the one with the mom hiding in the bathroom to write. I have so hada to go to those extremes.