Tuesday, November 14

Gobblie, Gobble, here comes the Turkey Fairy with a wobble.

Chris and I were talking about how incredibly boring Thanksgiving happens to be--no Santa popping down our non-existent chimney, no Easter Bunny leaving eggs around the apartment that we have a hard time finding and usually there is at least one found 3 months later when it's stinking to high heaven (or low hell, whichever you prefer) behind the sofa. And there are no Ghosts or Goblins taking treats from strangers you tell your kids not to talk to, and so we decided to make Thanksgiving more in stride with all the other holiday by introducing the Turkey Fairy. What we do is have our daughter color a picture of a BIG FAT turkey, carefully sign her name, and drop it in an envelope addressed to ourselves (for safe keeping) with a little note dictated that says something like:

To the Turkey Fairy: Mom wants a big turkey to cook so we can eat it with muffins.


Then when it gets close to "T-Day" we leave our frozen turkey on our patio with a little spattering of turkey feathers just for full effect--VIOLA'! Instant Turkey Fairy! If you want to join in with this 'new tradition,' do let me know by sending off a quick e-mail to me at sarahmreed[at]yahoo[dot]com--send a scan of your kid's letters or photos, and I'll post them here, and I'm sure it'll be a HOOT!--or just post letting me know you plan on partaking of this Reed holiday tradition! Who knows, maybe the idea will catch on making Thanksgiving more like all the other holidays.

*Note: The scan above is Molly's turkey she colored last year at two-years-old.


Cyli said...

How cute - what a great family tradition!!! This made me smile and i needed it today - thanks Sarah!

Sarah Reed said...

You're so welcome, Cyli!