Friday, November 17

How far I have come in the Domestic Goddess department.

This is from an ancient blog I wrote in 2001-2002 titled, "i am bored. oh well. thus is life":


god i am so undomesticated. so there i was making pancakes for breakfast. and them im like doing the dishes and filling up the dish pan with water and i reach for the bottle of dishsoap - without looking - and squeeze some in the water - i, of course am staring into space unawares. so i looked down and mutter what the fuck. no suds. i glance right and then scream. loud. [i wonder if the neighbors heard me] i do believe i am the only person who tried to wash her dishes in pancake syrup.

Monday, March 18, 2002 05:57 a.m.

Evidently I have come so very far where the Domestic Goddness department is concerned--not only do I know the difference between pancake syrup and dish soap, but I've also learned how to use capital letters. It's nice to see my love for four-letter expletives hasn't changed a bit.

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Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Oh girl, I could SO see myself doing that.

Ask Cyli about my 'week long sweet potato' recipe. Or perhaps about my questions on defrosting meat.

I AM SOOOO not domestic.

It's all good though, my next husband will just be ...'convinced' (i.e. 'tricked') into taking me out to eat more often.