Wednesday, December 13

365 Days/Day 1: L O V E.

I am all greasy, but I don't give a rat's ass.

I've been wanting to do this project over at Flickr, but have been so hesitant because I am so not a photographer, and I so don't have the time to be artsy-fartsy, but after thinking a while about it, I realized that the whole point of the "take one photo of yourself for one year" thing is about documenting ME and MY life, and in my life, I'm not a photographer--I'm a wife, and a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, and so I should take photos of ME doing those roles, not the role of a photographer, and so here is my little challenge to myself:

At some moment during the day, when I am feeling SOMETHING--love, frustration, depression, satisfaction, happiness--I will take ONE photo and one photo ONLY and post that no matter how unsatisfied I am with it. The whole point being: THAT'S WHAT LIFE IS! I can't change the moment, I can't keep living it and taking that picture over-and-over trying to get it perfect, and so I will just let my life and the year of photos be.

And so here is what I came up with today with my very first daily shot. Me kissing my darling Logan.

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rachael said...

well, you know what, i think you've inspired me to start mine up again. i fell off the wagon totally but i think i'd like to give it another go.

such an adorable shot too. :D