Sunday, December 10

Santa's number one fan, and no, it's not Logan.

Yesterday we took Molly and Logan to see Santa at VGs, our favorite local grocery store, which made much more sense than going to the mall to see the old crusty guy.

It was nice getting the Santa-thing out of the way while shopping for groceries (something we do every week, sometimes twice) rather than lugging two small children though the mall amongst crazy shoppers (something we never do), waiting in line with three dozen screaming children and their parents only to end up paying $10 for an overdeveloped blurry photo. The VGs Santa photo was free, and they didn't care if I snapped a photo of Logan with my digital. We pick up Molly's "real" (read: with a film camera) photo on Wednesday. I can't wait to see the photo of Molly. Chris says that Molly looks like a deer (no pun intended) caught in headlights.

Molly was a bit too shy and intimidated to stand next to the Big Guy, and so I had to stand next to him while she stood next to me as I urged her to smile (she was getting a bit teary-eyed). "I don't want to sit on Santa's lap. Not until I bigger," she whispered, and I assured her that sitting on his lap wasn't part of the deal--she only had to ask him for what she wanted. That made her feel better, and she warmed up a bit. Santa, sensing the ease proceeded with his Santa bit:

"What's your name, Little Girl."

"Me is Molly Jean Reed."

"Have you been a good girl, Molly?"


"What would you like for Christmas"

And after a series of about a half-dozen "Ummmms," she proudly asked for a comic book (she makes her daddy so proud). Everyone gushed at how positively adorable she was, and we went on our way.

Later, as we walked through the store, Molly started crying, to which Chris and I prodded, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sad."

"Aw, poor baby, did you want to ask Santa for something else?" Thinking she forgot to ask Santa for a pop-um, whatever that is...

"Yes. I have something me forgot to tell Santa."

And so we lugged our cart back to the front of the store. No other children were in line--save Santa, his helpers and a couple of old ladies (Santa is adorable after all, and even though he is taken, he still is quite the old lady chick magnet)--so Chris and I figured it was okay for her to get another go at asking for presents.

Molly crept back up to Santa. Her face got all serious trying not to forget what she was going to say, and then with a shy little smile she gushes like a true Santa Claus groupie, "I watch all your movies."

My guess is that this year she is going to get TWO comic books in her stocking.

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