Saturday, December 16

It's pathentic what I have to do sometimes to get a cup of coffee.

I am feeling rather pathetic right now. I had some sort of epiphany this morning while drinking my coffee--it was cold, and it was cold because I haven't had time to drink one cup of coffee straight through during the morning because of my kids. Realizing this, I poured out my cold coffee, poured a fresh hot cup, and went to the only place where a girl can get a few minutes alone to drink it.

Yes, I drank my coffee while sitting on the toilet this morning.


Cyli said...

awwwwwwwww isn't it amazing howmuch we put into kids? I am so drained I worked my butt off house wise all day for kids - that aren't even mine eeeeeeeek

I am going to have to tyr your bathroom trick

Nicole Z. said...

Oh dear, you have to get some free time once a day where you can relax, it is not good to be sooo stressed, I can tell ya this. ;)