Thursday, November 2

With a last name like "Reed," we feel quite at home in a bookstore.

John King Books

With a last name like "Reed," the hubby and I feel quite quite at home inside Michigan's biggest bookstore, John K. King Used & Rare Books, in Detroit.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Detroit to scour its four floors. The massive brick building, which must have been built in the 1920s, was converted from a plant of some sort. The original fixtures are still intact with "NO SMOKING IN THE PLANT" signs hanging from the rafters mingled among fluorescent light bulb fixtures overhead, which you turned on and off on your own depending on what section of books you were looking at. It was cold as they surely can't afford to heat the whole thing, but with "Warming Stations" on the first, third, and fourth floors (or was it the second, first, and fourth?), it was cozy enough. The wooden floors creaked and dipped with every step and dust had settled on every shelf, but the store held such forgotten and much needed treasures that by time Chris & I left, we had spent nearly $100. It was worth every dime, though.

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