Saturday, November 4

NaNoWriMo: Day 4

....and she's off! Logan is sleeping. Hubby is sleeping. Molly isn't sleeping, but the Disney morning line-up will hold her attention for at least an hour, and so here I go trying to make up for lost words. (Well, the words aren't really lost, I just need to capture them onto the paper [screen?] before they try and fly away.)


In spite of the fact that Sarah has been caring for two children since 4:30 am after only sleeping for a mere 4.75 hours, she has broken the 4,000 word mark at 09:01 AM; and there is no sign of her letting up.

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Cyli said...

You GO GIRL!!!!! Way to bounce back after yesterday!!! try not to worry about the 0 word count day. My 0 wordcount day was Nov 1st. Can you believe that? I spent a month anxious to get started and then poof...nada!

Hope you get as much rest as you need and you keep going on your word count. You're doing great!!!!!