Thursday, November 2

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Day two is coming to a close. My word count is at nearly 3000 words. By the time you read this, it may very well be up and over that because I plan on writing until Midnight, and then slamming the rest of my Coors Light tall can, and heading off to bed. Chris is going to take the first feeding of the night so I should be able to rest well. This is the most mind-draining/mind-exhilarating journey ever for me. So many stories are flooding my mind. So many doors are being opened. I finally have my system down for both finding time to write and for how my memoirs unfold. My system & what I've learned today:

  1. Keep my laptop plugged in when I'm not using it; this guarantees I will have at least 2 hours of "juice" if I need to unplug and sneak away.
  2. It's okay to type with a baby on my lap; I may not be able to type 43 wpm, but I can still think it and at least type 10 or 15 wpm, which is better than not typing at all. That, and Logan makes for a good muse.
  3. It's okay to ramble; there are little gems in ramblings, and little truths ooze out, too.
  4. It's okay to NOT edit. Yes, really. And if I need to, that's OK, too.
  5. Words are just words. No need for them to be perfect, or beautiful, or spelled correctly; it's not the words that make something powerful, it's our lives that make them so.
  6. My theme is the Three Little Pigs. I am all three pigs--the lazy one, the not-so-lazy one, an the hard-working one, and I'm both looking to escape the Big Bad Wolf, and looking to create a home. At the end of the novel, I will have accomplished both.
  7. My writing method is to write first in my voice as a child, and then in my voice as an adult; it caters to my needs well including my ADD.
  8. I was born to write; I knew that all along, I just fought it because I was scared, and I'm not scared anymore.


Cyli said...

Oh Sarah ( and Logan when he sits as your muse on your lap ;) Look at your word count soar lady!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! Are you going to post some excerpt in your profile at NaNoWriMo??? I'd love to read it sometimes!!

I like your things you've learned - outstanding!!!!!!!

Keep it up Sarah you are doing great great great!

Sarah Reed said...

I plan on posting something a bit soonish. I want to choose the pefect excerpt. Thanks for stopping in!! :)

Melissa said...

Good luck. I am impressed by those of you who are taking the plunge.