Tuesday, November 21

NaNoWriMo: What is it? Day 20? 21?

Tonight is the write-in here in lovely Davison, Michigan. I may have to be rude tonight and pop on my headphones and drown out all the fun conversations humming around my head. It's the one [of many] curse[s] of being behind and ADD--I get terribly distracted by everything anything that goes around me (which is why working from home suits me better than a 'real' office because I have a feeling at a 'real' office, I'd get nothing done and my ass would get fired). But anyways, my goal for tonight is....

2,500 WORDS!!!

Wish me well my fellow NaNoWri'mers who may be reading this. And if you are a NaNo'er, wish me luck just the same.

Edit: Okay, so I didn't make it to 2,500 words. I'm a looooooozer.


rachael said...

according to my handy/nerdy/geeky spreadsheet, i have 3,708 words to write today in order to reach my goal for tonight.

(lol, my media player just started playing 'white and nerdy' as i was typing this. ROFL!)

see you tonight, girl!!

Sarah Reed said...

lol i've never heard that song before... sounds like it could be my anthem, though.