Saturday, November 25

NaNoWriMo: Days 23, 24, & 25 / Giving up my word counter

So days 23 and 24 of NaNoWriMo have passed and here I am on day 25 when I've given up my word counter. I am going to stop checking how many words I have, and just type and type and pour and type some more (so my word count updater will stay quite stagnant for those of you who are curious about where I am). I know I've been rather silent about my novel/memoir, but that's because a lot of it--quite frankly--sucks and I'm embarrassed by it, but other portions of it are so intimate and scary that I feel scared to share it in such an open forum. Scared of who will see it and read it and judge me. There is anonymity in the Web, but there is an openness about, too (as all bloggers know), and there are people who may be reading this (this particular person is an avid Googler), and so I've been silent here, but not there.

But as this last week of NaNo closes out, I'm not sure I will even make it to my original goal, but I don't really mind because I'm going to keep on writing until what I've started is done. And as for this blog, I'm gunna keep going with it, too, because I've been liking talking to myself and getting my thoughts out even if they are rambling and nonsensicle at times.


Cyli said...

Hi Sarah - i read this post and wanted so much to say something inspirational to you but you know what, you're one of the ones whose been inspirational to me so I guess I will just thank you.

I remember when we first met and how you spoke of your goals this NaNomonth. You told me how you hadn't creatively written in years. I was so amazed by how far you've come during the last few years you shared about and how incredible you are to write what you are writing - memoirs. Especially since you have two beautiful little ones at home who keep you busy as well as working full time.

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that I don't think of you as not having reached your goal. I think you did reach it and far surpass it too. Maybe you don't have the number of words you wanted by a particular date, but you overcame so much and are writing one of the most difficult types of novels there are to write. Im really honored to know you and to say you are a friend and I thought I'd take a minute and just let you know that! I think you did A number one, outstanding this year Sarah. Congratulations to you!! ((((Sarah))))

Sarah Reed said...

sniff. sniff.

Thank you so much for your kind kind words...