Saturday, November 25

And how does he manage to do it?

I want to know how does a kid manage to spit up* on every piece of my clothing--pajama pants (behind the knee), long sleeve tee under a short sleeve one (on one arm and down the front), AND on BOTH socks? I have no clue.

*PS I should add that Logan is OK! He is just a wee bit lactose intolerant and spit-up is common for him; I just don't understand how he manages to get it all over every item of my clothing!


rachael said...

WOW. that's some talent your boy has there. ;)

and no, i don't know how they do it - but i'm pretty sure they're born with the ability.

rachael said...

how are things? it's been a whole day since you tried to message me and i wasn't at my computer!! :p

i hope logan is okay, the poor adorable guy. *hugs*

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

It's Murphy's Law. That and kids manage to get you dirty where you won't find it but others will. They then give you that "can't you manage to leave the house in CLEAN clothes??" look.

Sarah Reed said...

Oh, that has so happened to me, Miss Cow!