Thursday, December 7

Everything is a-okay.

Chris had his surgery yesterday, and everything went a-okay.

Chris is okay. He is one-handedly typing a letter to his mother.

The kids are okay. Molly is playing in her room listening to her Christmas CD. Logan is slumbering peacefully with his darling little bottom up in the air.

As for me, I'm okay. I'm brewing a pot of coffee and I'm about to get some work done. Life is good, and there is not much more I could ask or wish for. I need to start believing in our family's mantra more: Things always work out for us. It may be at the very last possible second, but it's oh-so-true.


Cyli said...

Ohhhhhh Sarah this is such good news to hear. Kiss Chris's cheek for me and tell him I said take it easy!

I have been so sick this past week but ysterday I got this special card in the mail. It made me all teary eyed because someone very special took time to mail it to me and it arrived just when I needed it most!!!

You really do not know how deeply I was touched by your card Sarah. It is the first card I have gotten in years.........years........ thank you lady!!! If I could hug you right now I would...but this is a comment on your for now feel the cyber hug but at the party.......I am hugging as long as i want ;)

Sarah Reed said...

I love, you, Cyli!!! I have a story to tell you, but I will post it as an entry soonish.


Cyli said...

Ilove you too Sarah and I will try to wait patiently :)