Friday, December 8

Is it white or clear?

I think you have to be a mom to appreciate this one.

MOLLY: Him puke over his cow.
ME (Not wanting to get up): Are you sure? Is it white or clear.
MOLLY: It's white.
ME (Sighing): I'm coming.


rachael said...

ROFL!!! hahaha. now that was flipping hilarious. :D

Sarah Reed said...

LOL I'm glad someone appreciated that bit of humor. The hubby & I laughed our assess of at it. :)

Cyli said...

Oh man............."It's white" <--- I can hear molly saying that hahahaha

Sarah Reed said...

LOL -- Yeah, she has this little accent going on.. not sure where it came from, but the way she says her vowels is SO DAMN CUTE!