Wednesday, October 25

What an odd morning... is this an alternate universe?

It's terribly odd to be up at 7:00 a.m., and to be the only one up--the grumbly husband (of nearly four years now--who is also a writer, comic books artist, currently not working) is sleeping, darling Logan (my four-month-old--who is still up all hours of the night and loves sweet potatoes), is sleeping, and my little ghostly daughter, Molly (my three-year-old--who loves to slip out of her room at 6:00 a.m. with a Little Pony comforter over head saying "WooooOOO-WoooOOO"), is still sleeping, too.

Am I in some sort of alternate reality where moms actually get to sip on a cup of coffee without having to get up from her spot to prepare bottles, find remotes, fix toast and butter, and change last night's sport's channel to a more healthy dose of boob-tube Noggin?

I'm almost afraid to breathe because it might wake me from this dream and knock me back into reality.


Roger said...

For a while, I was getting up at 5AM to work on a novel, and though it was hard as hell, there is something so very interesting about the experience. Just to sit in that solitude, the sun not yet awake even, and type.

It's quite refreshing.

Though given the choice, I'd rather sleep.

Sarah Reed said...

So would I, but I was nudged awake by the hubby 'cause he thought he heard 'the ghost,' but when I realized that there used to be a time where there was just me moving about a quiet house, I stayed up.

Roger said...

Good for you.

It is a nice break actually, and it is amazing what you can, or can choose not to do during that time.

(Btw, my word verification for this is "bumluam"... I love it and will see if I can work that into a conversation tomorrow at work. People will be all "wtf is a bumluam?"