Tuesday, October 24

Here goes nothing, and that might be all that comes of this.

Just a few days left until I begin....

November 1st marks the first day of Nanowrimo--something I learned about my first semester of school as a journalism minor--when insane people from around the globe attempt to write 50,000 words in one month (yes, there are no typos in that phrase--fifty-thousand words in thirty days); and it also marks the day I embark on writing my first novel/memoir called "Tales from a (Former) Trailer Park Kid," right along with these crazy people. I seriously doubt I will hit even the 25,000-word mark, but I sure as hell can try. I've been hanging onto this pseudo-memoir in my head since I was 17, and it's gunna have to come out sooner or later before I land in the nut-house (I've almost landed there about two months ago, you know [seriously]).

And so....

This journal is for the sole purpose of expressing my thoughts and fears duing this upcoming journey. Who knows, maybe I'll stick around after November as well. I kind of like spouting off what's in my head.

Wish me luck,


Roger said...

You go girl!

You know you have my full support!

I've actually looked at that novel writing month thing in the past and thought it would be interesting to try. Could be the kick in my pants that I need.

Good luck, darlin'!

Sarah Reed said...

Thank-you, hon, and that would so totally ROCK if you did Nano with me. No pressure though!

Roger said...

Lol... I'd get all competitive on your ass and have to show you up.

No good could come of this.


Roger said...

Damn you for planting this idea in my head.

I'm actually seriously considering this now.

Cylithria said...

Hi Sarah!! it's me, eensybeensyspider fromt he Nano Forums! best of luck lady..... I saw you visited my site, thanks! I blogrolled you and will be back to check on your progress! Best of luck to you!!

Oh and Roger (who i don't know) you can do it, go ahead and join up! we love more writers, right sarah? ;)

Sarah Reed said...

Thanks! & Roger has signed up, and I can't wait to meet you at the Ugly Mug meet-up soonish.