Friday, November 10

He's finally starting to entertain himself.

So, Chris took off Logan's socks this morning so his feet could air out--for such tiny little baby feet, they really did stink. Me, being the lazy mom that I am, just left them off all day because I didn't feel like hunting through two laundry baskets and the [dirty] clothes hamper looking for two tiny itty-bitty socks that matched. This early afternoon I put him down for a nap (still without socks), and after a while I ended up going in there to check on him because the MOM ALARM went off--BEEP BEEP! Child who only naps for 20 minutes at a time has now been sleeping for 21 minutes!! (I exaggerate here, of course, he sleeps for about 30 minutes at a time now, and about 45 minutes had passed)--and so when I went in there and noticed his little legs in the air--he had his toes in his fingers clutches! He discovered his toes are playthings today and he must have entertained himself with them for at least 15 minutes without having to have me in his face.

I hereby declare from this day forward for the sake of Mommy and Daddy's sanity, all socks are banned.


River Rat said...

He is absolutely adorable! I miss my son at that age!

Melli said...

Feet truly ARE wonderful toys and should be played with on a daily... maybe hourly... basis!

Just stopped by through the NoBloPoMo Randomizer! :)